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Leadership Team



Leadership Team

Our Team


Jeffrey Camp


Jeff is an accomplished executive and technology leader with over 30 years of investment and C-level experience. Jeff co-founded StrongPath with two visionary leaders, Fred Bartlit and Steven Droullard, who together recognized the life changing benefits of living the StrongPath. He saw the opportunity to bring the medical and wellness industries together through digital therapeutics to help free millions from chronic disease.


Always focused on new opportunities in technology, Jeff rose to Managing Director at Morgan Stanley where he was the #1 ranked analyst by Institutional Investor for his work on Internet Infrastructure Services companies. In 2000, he was the most widely read analyst worldwide according to First Call/Thompson. After leaving Morgan Stanley, Jeff joined Andor Capital, a technology-focused fund, as its European CEO. Subsequently, he co-founded Partner Fund Management, a $4.1BN fund, where he was again its European CEO. More recently, Jeff is the Managing Partner of JC Venture Capital LLC, a family office that invests in early stage companies.


Vanessa Lara, PhD

Director of Program Development

Dr. Vanessa Lara holds a master’s and a doctorate degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, where she led a clinical trial examining the effects of food quality versus food quantity on the cardiometabolic markers and the microbiome of overweight individuals. During her tenure, she taught courses in nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and metabolism and earned her supporting field in cancer biochemistry.


Dr. Lara is also a board-certified and licensed dietitian/nutritionist, specializing in integrative lifestyle protocols for patients with chronic conditions.


As StrongPath's Director of Program Development, Dr. Lara designs and manages the implementation of clinical intervention programs in cardiology, metabolic health, and oncology.


Michael Zucchi

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Zucchi is an entrepreneur and technology expert with a long history working in the healthcare industry. He began his career at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the academic medical center affiliated with Cornell and Columbia University.


He is the founder of Zbrella Technology Consulting, which he ran for more than a decade prior to joining StrongPath.


Charlie Becker

Chief Sales Officer

Charlie Becker is a proven leader with more than 15 years’ experience and success leading sales teams. He has spent much of his career working for companies like StrongPath, that develop and distribute innovative technology, and over the course of his career, his teams have received “Supplier of the Year” Awards from leading national brands. 


Prior to joining StrongPath, Charlie served as director of strategic business development at Alliance Healthcare & Wellness, where he supervised all phases of the strategic planning, including initial lead and opportunity management, business systems intelligence, and overall customer relationship management. Charlie also served as vice president of sales and business development at Innara Health and as hospital sales manager of Roche.


Lisa marie Aponte

Director of Program Integrity

Lisa Marie Aponte is a healthcare programs executive with extensive experience developing and implementing patient care initiatives. Lisa Marie has more than 20 years’ experience as a healthcare advisor and specializes in regulatory and operational compliance, revenue management, communications, population health, and digital and remote care management programs.


Lisa Marie has served a variety of clients, including healthcare systems, hospitals, medical groups, and private practices. Under her vision and leadership, she has grown healthcare businesses into multidisciplinary organizations, incorporating pharmacies into behavioral health organizations, MRI centers into neurology specialty groups, and cardiac catheterization labs into cardiology practices. 


Most recently, she has concentrated on the design, implementation, and compliance of digital therapeutics, remote monitoring, and virtual care programs under the remote care service lines of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


Brett Colbert

Director of Prescription Digital Therapeutics

Brett Colbert is an MD/PhD candidate in biochemistry at the University of Miami. Brett is passionate about the intersection of science, medicine, wellness, and entrepreneurship.


As StrongPath’s Director of Prescription Digital Therapeutics, Brett is leading the effort to identify patient needs and translate them into novel, digital therapeutics. Before joining StrongPath, he was an investment analyst at the "Cane Angel Network," after which he was promoted to the position of senior analyst and head of data analytics.


Brett’s research uses stem cell models to understand the molecular biology of genetic hearing loss. He is a recognized scholar in his field. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 10.55.08 AM.png

Austin Daniels

Product Manager

Austin Daniels has a master's degree in human physiology and specialized in learning about the mechanisms of chronic disease. Austin has worked across multiple lines of digital healthcare, finance, and data analytics. At StrongPath he is a strong contributor in many areas including our product development, operations, R&D, and data analytics. ​

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Villanueva, RN

Clinical Case Manager

Jennifer Villanueva is a licensed & registered Nurse experienced in patient assessments and digital healthcare monitoring and reporting. Her vast knowledge of virtual care plan implementation extends from patient first contact, to gathering, capturing, and reporting digital healthcare data. ​

Our founders


Fred Bartlit


Fred Bartlit, co-founder of StrongPath, is also co-author of Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging, an Amazon Best Seller. At the age of 50, Fred adopted a new lifestyle built around challenging exercise and adopting excellent nutrition – what he refers to as the “StrongPath.” 


Fred is living proof that vigorous exercise and a nutritious diet can radically improve an individual’s quality of life and defy conventions about aging. Through his work, he inspires others to stay on the StrongPath, so they too may live a long, strong, and healthy life.


He is a former U.S. Army Ranger and the founding partner of the law firm Bartlit Beck, where he has established a reputation as “arguably the best trial lawyer in the United States,” according to Chambers USA Legal Rankings. He has represented President George Bush and President Barack Obama.


Steven Droullard 


Steven Droullard co-authored Choosing the StrongPath. He is also the author of The Power of Attention, a book about attention mechanics as it relates to habit formation and psychological transformation. 


Fourteen years ago, Steven adopted the StrongPath regimen after a battle with cancer and cardiac bypass surgery. Today, he credits StrongPath for his return to vigorous health. He is now cancer-free and heart-healthy, and he is proof individuals can overcome severe medical setbacks to regain quality of life by adopting the StrongPath.

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