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Earn More Revenue Through StrongPath’s Programs

Recent changes to CMS’ Medicare fee schedules introduced new CPT codes that cover digital therapeutics, which are treatments that utilize digital telehealth technologies.


These treatments – or therapeutics – encourage changes in patient behavior to improve outcomes. They focus on behavioral and lifestyle changes in addition to management of their clinical conditions, and the care is delivered through digital channels.

With StrongPath, your practice or hospital can bill for and collect reimbursement when your patients participate in our remote care programs.

For each of StrongPath’s programs, different CPT codes apply, including “Setup and Education” (99453) and “Review/Communication” (99458). In combination, these reimbursement codes often represent more than $1,000 per month of additional revenue for each patient who participates in the program.


What’s more, payers can expect better outcomes, which, of course, oftentimes translates into fewer readmissions, complications, and total hospitalizations.


Provider Reimbursement

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