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our story, our mission


Improving Patients' Health Anywhere & Everywhere

Innovative Care Delivered Remotely

At StrongPath, we extend care delivery beyond the walls of hospitals and physicians’ offices, using health improvement programs delivered remotely through multiple sessions, in the comfort of patients’ homes.


StrongPath’s founders and clinical leadership created programs that engage and motivate patients which leads to better completion rates, higher patient satisfaction, and better health outcomes than conventional, in- person regimens.


To develop StrongPath’s remote care programs, we turned to expert physicians, exercise physiologists, dieticians, and physical therapists. Now, patients can follow the StrongPath, and every day – no matter their age – can be well-lived.

Learn About StrongPath's Cardiac Rehab Program And Cardiometabolic Therapy Program




Our Story, Our Mission 


Our Story

Fred Bartlit, an avid skier, noticed that as he aged, fewer and fewer of his friends continued to enjoy the sport with him, and by the time he was in his 60s, all of his friends had stopped skiing. By contrast, Fred continued to ski, as well as lift weights, play golf, swim, and run. While everyone his age seemed to slow down, Fred felt stronger and better than ever. So, he set out to find out why.


Fred discovered the importance of building muscle and how doing so can help people live longer – and more importantly, healthier – lives.


He also met Steven Droullard, who was recovering from cancer and valley fever fungal pneumonia. In 2012, Steven was rushed to the hospital, where he ended up having cardiac bypass surgery.


Just three months after surgery – motivated by his friend Fred – Steven returned to the gym, and as a result, his health drastically improved.


Convinced that living a more active life can lead to better health and a longer life, free of chronic disease and frailty, Fred and Steven created StrongPath.


Today, the company channels Fred and Steven’s philosophy into the remote care programs it offers. Now, through StrongPath, more people can enjoy a life well-lived.

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