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Clear Directions For

Clearly Better Outcomes

Patients participating in StrongPath’s remote care programs are substantially more likely to complete their prescribed program than patients enrolled in analogous in-person programs. To orient your patients about StrongPath and our programs, we have developed easy-to-understand instructions and a foolproof process to ensure success from day-one.

80% of patients enrolled in StrongPath’s cardiac rehabilitation program complete the entire course compared to only 20% of patients enrolled in clinic or hospital-based programs.



Introducing StrongPath To Patients


Setup For Success

1. StrongPack Setup


Patients receive a StrongPack kit at the time of enrollment at the physician’s office or by home delivery. Depending upon the program, StrongPacks include monitoring devices, like blood pressure cuffs, light weights for exercise, and even a water bottle to ensure patients stay hydrated during exercise portions of the program.

​2. Enrollment Call


Patients receive a call from StrongPath staff to confirm enrollment, provide assistance downloading necessary apps and setting up remote biometric monitoring, provide health questionnaires, and set up follow-up calls.

3. Initial Questionnaires

Patients fill out forms prior to their first call to establish benchmarks against which progress can be measured.

4. Starting Gate


Patients meet remotely – via Zoom – with StrongPath’s clinical staff to review the contents of patients’ initial questionnaires, answer any questions patients may have, and review the contents of their StrongPack.

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