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*Estimates displayed do not include per-member-per-month fee


**All reimbursements are based on Medicare National Payment amounts

***The calculations are an estimate based on the following:

  • Reimbursement eligibility is based on program, participation, and documentation in accordance with medical necessity. 

  • Program revenues are estimates only and not a guarantee of any particular results.

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ROI Calculator

A Customizable View Of Your Earned Revenue

Provider organizations earn significant, continued reimbursement for each participant enrolled in StrongPath’s programs.

Use our ROI calculator, below, to predict the reimbursement your organization will earn when you enroll patients in our remote therapeutic programs.*

Results are based on the sum of reimbursement amounts for the following billable services:

  • Remote monitoring device set up and patient education/orientation

  • Transmission of physiologic data

  • Patient care coordination

  • Live walking/movement sessions

  • Review of patient data and outcomes 

  • Reporting of program results