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Prostate Cancer Lifestyle Management Program

Lifestyle Support for Patients Undergoing Prostate Cancer Treatment

​Patients with prostate cancer can benefit from androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). However, ADT has many side effects that decrease a patient’s quality of life.  

​The good news is patients who participate in regular, supervised exercise and nutrition support programs may be able to minimize some of the side effects of ADT. With this in mind, StrongPath developed a unique program for prostate cancer patients on ADT.

​ADT Lifestyle Support Program Elements

  • Live sessions once a week with a healthcare professional, each lasting 20 minutes

  • Patients participate in additional independent sessions twice a week as assigned by the program supervisor

  • Patients receive a kit containing equipment, including:

    • Resistance Bands​

    • Weights

    • Smart Scale

    • Instructions for setting up connectivity to allow for remote monitoring

  • Sessions focused on strength training (to prevent muscle loss)

  • Sessions focused on cardiovascular health, including interval-style walks, jogs, or runs for aerobic support

  • Nutritional advice

  • Self-reporting by the patient to provide regular feedback about their side effects, physical condition, and overall satisfaction with the program


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