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Digital care programs

Cardiac Rehab

average decrease in systolic blood pressure
average decrease in
rate pressure product
average increase in heart rate during exercise
average decrease in resting heart rate
average increase in max heart rate during exercise

Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation

Better Compliance From Your Patients

​At StrongPath, we developed our cardiac rehabilitation program to meet CMS guidelines, the standard of care endorsed by the American Heart Association and widely used throughout the U.S. Unlike most cardiac rehab programs, however, patients who participate in the StrongPath program have far better completion rates and satisfaction levels. In fact, 80% of StrongPath cardiac rehab participants complete the entire program compared to only 20% of participants who attend in-person rehab. The StrongPath physiological outcomes of graduates are the same as in-person rehab, but with a greater likelihood of graduation, overall outcomes are better than traditional rehab.

Physicians can prescribe our cardiac rehab program for any patient who has experienced a cardiac episode or undergone a catheter-based or surgical procedure for cardiac disease. Prescribing providers earn the entire allowable reimbursement for StrongPath’s cardiac rehab program based on the patient’s specific insurance coverage.

Program Elements

  • 36 sessions over the course of 3 months

  • Sessions conducted live via Zoom (audio-only during exercise regimens)

  • Program participants receive a device kit that includes all the instruments necessary to record and transmit their biometric data, including a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, and weights for exercise

  • Supervision by a licensed exercise physiologist

  • Participants join a cohort of patients to encourage camaraderie, mutual support, and promote continued adherence

  • Three individual virtual meetings with a registered dietitian to assess baseline nutritional health and to provide dietary guidance during and after the program

  • Comprehensive, final report, including a heart health score

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