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StrongPath Launches Men's Health Program in Collaboration with Tolmar 

February 2023 06:30 ET | Source: StrongPath


Miami, FL., February 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently StrongPath announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Tolmar, Inc.  StrongPath will provide their patient assistance program (Men’s Health Program) for prostate cancer patients undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT).

StrongPath will leverage Tolmar’s nationwide sales force and their existing relationships in the urology-oncology market to promote the StrongPath Men’s Health Program.  In tandem with the launch, StrongPath plans to introduce an expanded digital marketing campaign targeted at raising awareness among patients and caregivers.


About StrongPath

StrongPath is a digital care company providing evidence-based digital therapeutics targeting both acute and chronic conditions with a mission of freeing the world of chronic disease. 


The StrongPath Men’s Health Program is designed to provide patients with a targeted lifestyle therapy to assist with the side effects of ADT.  Therapeutic components offered by StrongPath include exercise sessions, nutritional education, lifestyle, and stress management.  Patients will see improved outcomes using their StrongPath application.   


StrongPath digital therapeutics (DTx) for acute and chronic health conditions is creating a “win-win-win” for patients, physicians, and insurers.  Considered the next generation of care, digital therapeutics (DTx) deliver medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders. 

About Tolmar

Tolmar is an established commercial presence spanning broad distribution channels in urology, oncology, and hospital settings across the United States.

Together StrongPath and Tolmar are collaborating to help prostate cancer patients minimize their side effects associated with ADT.

For StrongPath media inquiries, or if you are interested in more information about StrongPath, please contact us.

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