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Improved Outcomes For Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

Your patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and those who are significantly overweight may qualify for our Digital Cardiometabolic Program. And when you prescribe and enroll a patient, you’ll earn substantial reimbursement for up to a year.

StrongPath’s Cardiometabolic Program encourages patients to participate in moderate-intensity exercise along with nutritional counseling to help improve their metabolic health by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, and body weight.

Program Elements

  • Three sessions per week

  • Course duration from three months to one year

  • Sessions conducted live via Zoom (audio-only during exercise regimens)

  • Program participants receive a device kit that includes all the instruments necessary to record and transmit their biometric data, including a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, measuring tape, and light weights for exercise

  • Supervision by a qualified health professional

  • Participants join a cohort of patients to encourage camaraderie, mutual support, and promote continued adherence

  • Monthly virtual meetings with a qualified healthcare professional to identify appropriate foods for each patient’s health circumstances


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Cardiometabolic Program

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