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Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging


Improve Outcomes And Grow Revenue

Learn how your provider organization can help patients while earning revenue for every patient enrolled in our proven-effective remote health improvement programs.

Of patients are active on StrongPath at least once over a 2-week period

Hours of digital care programming delivered by StrongPath to date

Of patients graduate; complete their entire digital care program

Of patients report increased knowledge of their own health circumstances


“StrongPath’s programs are a win-win for patients, providers, and payers alike; and they’re effective. Data demonstrate StrongPath’s remote care programs produce outcomes that exceed conventional, in-person regimens.”

jeff camp, ceo

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Choosing The StrongPath 

Choosing the StrongPath is a book about the most insidious health crises in the world, Sarcopenia, a muscle-wasting and frailty disease.  It impacts all of us as we age,

unless we proactively prevent it. 

As a world-renowned investigator and case builder, Fred Bartlit has done this once again with this book.  He and coauthor Steven Droullard, along with muscle physiology expert Dr. Marni Boppart, want to share a little known fact with the work:

You don't have to fall apart as you get older.  Through carefully calibrated progressive strength training and supporting nutrition, you can stave off sacrcopenia, along with with dozens of other age-related illnesses.

Using scientific evidence and real-life case studies, Choosing the StrongPath offers a clear path away from a steady decline in the last third of your life and toward a healthier , happier you. 

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